The Spotlight- Trysta Leigh Cook

Meet Trysta Leigh Cook

An inspiring woman who pursued a passion that brought her across seas and oceans


Trysta is a world class hairstylist who grew up in Onion Lake, Saskatchewan. She moved to Alberta in 2004 to pursue Make up Artistry in MC Beauty College Edmonton and Ruby Make up Academy Los Angeles in 2012. Art has been a part of her life at an early age and this passion brought her in different countries as a stylist for weddings, photoshoots and collaborations. As she say "The world is filled with endless possibilities!"

2012 is the big year when everything changed for Trysta. She decided to start BeautyLife in Lloydminster, Alberta despite her successful years of working in a salon. Just like any other start up business, the first few weeks after opening is terrifying! No one was booking with her and as a single mom, she thought “No one is booking with me, how am I going to provide for my son??” But with proper guidance and a strong marketing plan, she starting getting clients and never looked back since then.

2015 was another big move when she closed down Beauty Life in Lloydminster and opened a salon in Onion Lake. A number of clients was lost due to the fact that they did not want to travel  however, this decision was not about money but GIVING BACK TO HER COMMUNITY! Trysta wanted to offer her services to people who has not even left the reserve as she was once in their shoes. It was an absolute great feeling that people from her community can just walk down the road to get a hair service.

In 2016, she started doing bigger projects in other parts of the province. Trysta was the lead hairstylist and make up artist for the Shop Indig Fashion Show in Saskatoon. In the same year, “Indigenous Beauty Market was launched, a collaboration with other Indigenous artists (make up artists, designers, photographer and hairstylists including herself). They travel to pow wows, weddings, high school graduations and fashion shows all over Saskatchewan to offer their services.

Aside from her love for hair, she also has a passion for tattoos. In 2017, Trysta was featured in the first Native American Indigenous tattoo magazine called Nink. They were doing stories on hairstylists so she submitted a photo, little did she know that the submission will end up on the cover! It was a big milestone to be recognized in both countries and Indian Nation.



I am very passionate about what I do! I love to make people feel happy and feel good about themselves inside and out. I find a lot of joy giving my clients an extra boost of confidence.


I started my journey when I was 18 years old, moving to Edmonton in 2004 to attend MC College. I left my reserve not knowing what the world has to offer! Little did I know that my choice of career was going to spark a passion that will take me all over the world.


A lot of my inspiration comes from my travel- The cities, people, traditions and different cultures.  I find meeting new people and listening to what they are passionate about inspire me the most such as how a person takes loving what they do everyday to a different level!

I have been very fortunate to be surrounded by very talented artists, some of them are designers who travelled across the world to showcase their collections. I love to stay around people who are risk takers, living the dream and not afraid to take the leap of faith, just trusting their passion to lead them in life. They inspire me to keep going!


I would tell this young lady that she can be whatever she wants to be! The world is not so big once we leave that box where we grew up in. Being passionate about something will make you feel like you never have to work for a day in your life! When something is meant to be, it will happen at the right time. I remember, I wanted to be a cop or a gym teacher before I found my love for hair. Ironically, I grew up as a tomboy and did not care about hair or make up! It was not until I was 18 that I discovered my real calling in life.

Most of my knowledge came from my father, an artist who had paintings all over North America. Everyday, I would watch him paint trees and landscapes, he has the capability to create beautiful images from scratch through colour. This gave me a huge understanding of blending and the main reason why my craft revolves around fantasies and specialize in rainbow hair colour!

Follow your heart and dreams, never be afraid of what other people will say! I feel that I am already living my dreams and nothing is impossible. I honestly cannot see myself doing anything else but this, working alongside with other talented artists and designers, they inspire me!

The world is smaller that we think and I am here to conquer and always take BeautyLife to the next level, so can YOU!

Trysta indeed is inspiring, from her humble beginnings to her amazing world class work! For more information, you can reach her at:

Facebook: Trysta Leigh Alice Cook

Instagram: Trysta_beautylife

Twitter: Beautylife_TC


See you out there,

High Heeled Explorer

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