“You’re so picky!” I hear this phrase ALL.THE.TIME. from my friends and family. Yes, I admit that I am picky, especially when it comes to travel clothing, which is for the obvious reason that it can make or break my trip.  

A month ago, I went to Montreal to visit my friends who, by the way, are the most amazing language teachers! Aside from learning naughty French words, I was able to speak more that 30 French sentences with the correct pronunciation by the time I got home! Anyway, I decided to wear my Tansi shirt for the following reasons:

UNIQUE- This is the first thing that I look for in clothing or shoes! I just loved the design and I can assure you that you WON’T sit next to another person wearing the same exact shirt! Don’t you just hate that when it happens???

COMFORT- Pajamas are comfortable. I am wearing something comfortable; therefore, I am wearing pajamas. WRONG! I use my 60 liter backpack for literally all of my trips, so the probability of my armpits becoming sweaty when I reach my friend’s place is 110%! My shirt needs to be comfy and Tansi does not let me down!

FITS WELL- When you have a backpack which looks heavier than you, taking it off and putting it back on could be a nightmare if your shirt is too tight. My Tansi shirt fits well but not so tight that it restricts movements nor so lose that it looks like a boyfriend shirt.

BREAKING DOWN BARRIERS- When you wear a Tansi shirt, you are not JUST wearing a shirt. Tansi translates to “Hello” in Cree (one of the largest group of First Nations in North America). Their goal is to promote “hello” in different languages to break down invisible barriers. On each of their shirt, you will see the word Hello printed in a language of a unique culture!

To get your shirts now, visit www.tansiclothing.com or follow them:
Facebook: Tansi Clothing
Instagram: @tansiclothing


See you out there,