Recipe for a successful exploration!

Recipe for a successful exploration!

I am an EAGLE. I was an EAGLE during my past life. That's what I want to believe in and I'm sticking to it. Okay, Okay, not really. This was the result of an internet quiz that I took a few years ago called "What animal were you in your past life". 


I agree with the results 100% as eagles and I are similar in many ways. Eagles are tenacious, full of vitality, travel with no hesitation and love the forest. You see, the forest is my second home. I can just camp, walk around and let my creativity run all day long. Who does not enjoy the silence and not thinking about work, deadlines or the busy streets in the city?? Yes- I am a forester, a forester by heart. 


However, unlike an eagle, I have no wings that enable me to go from one place to another at 150kph which is why I need a vehicle that flies like an eagle and is strong as a bear.   The world is filled with numerous forests to discover, dishes to eat and shoes to wear! My motto has always been: “If you are going to explore the world, you better explore in style!”  That's when I discovered the Subaru Forester. What a coincidence! A Forester driving a Forester!


Aside from its kick-ass aesthetics (I promise you won't look like a soccer mom) it is a very reliable vehicle and won't break the bank for gas. I have driven it for my winter camping trips where I had to go through trails covered with 4 feet snow, winding mountain roads and lots of gravel roads. 100,00 kilometers later, it is still ready for another adventure.


The secret to having a vehicle that seems to have found the fountain of youth? A great mechanic! Remember this my friends, an outstanding mechanic is a successful expeditions' best friend! So never, ever, ever (I cannot stress this enough) EVER mess with your mechanic! Your life is in his hands.


After the summer, I brought my SUV to my mechanic at Modern Motors for a check up and he said: my wheels are not aligned, my break pads are worn out and my links are broken. He even once told me that I drive like a Tokyo Drift Driver (maybe because I am part Asian and I actually thought of acting as a part time job. I think I will definitely fit the role). 


I have been to other shops but I always go back to Modern Motors. The main reason? HONESTY AND GOOD WORK ETHIC- every mechanic who works in Modern Motors is dependable and gets the job done without breaking the bank. They tell me what exactly I need for my exploration and what jobs I can defer.


I am a woman who ask a LOT OF QUESTIONS but never have I felt unwelcome and that my thoughts or opinion does not matter. I do not know everything about cars and repairs but they take time to explain to me the reasons WHY they are doing a specific task.


All of them impress me as they are so knowledgeable! Even my dad applauds them, my dad is a retired mechanic, by the way. So if my dad approves it, then I definitely can't go wrong. You know as they say, dads know best!


You can cross out a travel destination or adventurous activity in your bucket list if you have a good plan, a great vehicle and a superb mechanic! Once you have all of these, you are ready to tackle the unknown whether it's a desert, blizzard or an impromptu photoshoot in the mechanic shop!


You can visit Modern Motors at or call them at (306) 651-0606 satisfaction guaranteed!


   See you out there,