The Spotlight- Hollie Johnson

Meet Hollie:

A beautiful face
with a passion for fashion
and a heart for art

Photo credit: Haus des Rodriguez
Make up: Lindalee make up and Tin Yang
Designer: Shona Tawhiao
Creative Director: Gobal Indigenous Management

Hollie Johnson is a proud First Nations Australian and belongs to the Gunai Kurnai and Monero Ngarigo Tribes of the southeast region of Australia. She has a degree in photography from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) and has been capturing photos for years. She also has studied the local Aboriginal language of her community and has completed a Certificate III in Australian Language, Aboriginal Cultures.

Aside from her passion for photography, this beauty has been modelling for four years now and has graced the runway during the Melbourne Spring Fashion Week and Virgin Australian Melbourne Fashion Festival. Since she begun modelling back in 2013, this has taken her places overseas, including New Zealand and Canada with Global Indigenous Management.



What are you passionate about?

I am passionate about many things!

First, I have the constant desire to widen my horizons, particularly learning about my culture and nationality and yearning to gain more knowledge, in order to preserve it for the next generation.

Secondly I am passionate about the arts which comes in many forms including photography, crafts, jewellery making, painting or drawing. Each of these mediums involve different techniques which I look forward to continuously learning.

Lastly, Languages specifically my native tongue that was passed on to me from my grandparents. One day, I would like to complete a teaching degree along with a PhD in Linguistics to then pass this on to the next generation as well to keep it alive!


Photo credit: 
Hollie in Heather Bouchier Design for  the Global Indigenous Runway in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Canada.


How did you start your journey as a model?
Ever since I was young, I have always wanted to be a photographer. I remember clearly when I was on my 7th year at camp in Wilsons Promontory National Park, my mom gave me a disposable film camera. After which, I took some landscape photos and King Parrots which turned out to be beautiful! I was so inspired to do more and from that point on, I knew that's what I wanted to do with my life.
Aside from my love for photography, I also wanted to give modelling a go. As a matter of fact, family friends have been encouraging me to do so but my journey in the industry did not come easy. There was even a point when I thought that it will NEVER happen and I almost gave up! I joined numerous modelling competitions and even attended a holiday program for girls aspiring to get their foot in the door of the modelling industry but nothing happened.
Until a big opportunity opened with the help of friends within the community and my mom who sent an email to the Global Indigenous Runway or “Indigenous Unearthed” as it was called back then. The organization gave me a chance to live my dream and I have not looked back. It is one of my biggest passions now and immensely enjoy the learning process, people that I work with, unique designs that I get to wear and the travel. I am thankful and very fortunate to travel throughout Australia, New Zealand and Canada while doing what I love!
Photo credit 
Left: Hollie Johnson wearing Heather Bouchier Design for Global Indigenous Management as part of the Global Indigenous Runway in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Canada.
Center: Dress by Adriana Dent during the Global Indigenous Runway as part of the Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival 2017
Right: Hollie Johnson wearing Buluuy Mirri Design for Global Indigenous Management as part of the Global Indigenous Runway in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Canada.
 What inspires you?
 I love “Being on Country” as we, Indigenous Australians, call it which means going back home to the country of our people. We see it as a rejuvenation and revitalisation of oneself. Being around friends, family and nature also inspires me, trying new things and being immersed in different cultures!

Photo credit: Hollie Johnson out for dinner with her best friend Sarah Price before going to Canada & LA in 2016


What is one thing that you cannot say NO to?

Of course, FOOD!! Definitely, food! Playing with my dogs and doing activities that is geared towards arts and culture

What are your goals in the next 5 years? 

In the next five years, I look forward to study again specifically a Primary Teaching Degree in Languages other than English Courses (LOTE) and a Phd in Linguistics.
I also see myself running my own cafe/bar and Photography studio. In addition to that combining an open studio floor in this building to house emerging and up and coming artists of all forms, from Yoga Instructors, painters to language teachers running their own classes!
If a young girl comes up to you and tells you she wants to be like you when she grows up, what is your response? 
I would be flattered of course, but I would tell her that "You should be no-one else but yourself! Not only will the right people love you for it but you will also succeed in whatever you want in life. It might not happen right away, but it will happen!” I would be happy to be her mentor and be there for her if she needs someone!Hollie’s story is indeed inspiring and a perfect example that whatever happens, stick to your dream. Work hard for it and even if it does not happen NOW, keep believing and it will come true one day! If you can’t get enough of this amazing lady, follow her on Instagram: @miss_hollie_j or her photography accounts on social media:
Facebook: Photography by MHJ
Instagram:bymhj (Photography by MHJ)
Email: pbymhj@gmail.com
See you out there,
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