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It’s a brand new year and usually at this time of year - I have a love-hate relationship! I love dreaming up huge plans for the next 12 months, thinking where to go, what to pack and which activity I should try. But I know that out of my 100 things to do; only 10 of them will be accomplished! I am a certified, professional-grade procrastinator. Take this blog, for example. I have wanted to do this for so long but it took me years to actually get started! But now, I am walking the talk and making it happen! WELCOME to my first blog post!

Because family is so important to me, my major motivation in writing this blog is that decades from now, I want to show my great grandchildren how wonderful life is and that there is no shortage of good people around the world. There are so many places to go, so many languages to learn, so many cakes to devour and so many shoes to try on!








Growing up in a third world country, we did not have many of the things that you might take for granted. For example, my mother had to borrow a camera from her friend so she could have a photo of me after I was born. I literally only have 47 photos of myself and my family in my first seven years of life. There were no video cameras to capture my first walk, first words, and the first time I laughed, ran, or cried.


Photography: Katia Papasoff

But now, I am changing that. Every place I visit is in my digital diary, every photo that I receive from a photo-shoot is on my portfolio and with this blog, I can now share my adventures with you whether it is planned or if it happened by accident! So this year, I hope to inspire you. Whatever it is that you want to do, procrastinate no more! Get your ass off the couch and DO IT!

There is no better time, not yesterday, not tomorrow but TODAY! Let 2017 be the year of change! Explore more, eat more, learn more, dress up more and LIVE MORE. Join me as this will be our best year ever!

See you out there,

10 thoughts on “WELCOME!

  1. I feel you, girl! Although I may have started my blog with a slightly different attitude, I think our goals are pretty much the same! I have taken to writing because I want to be better at it. And what better to write than about your musings and daily adventures?

    1. Hi Mohita, yes! I really wanted to improve on my writing that`s why I decided to start my blog. Looking forward to your future posts as well!

  2. Good for you! I’m exactly the same as you – I’ve been wanting to start a travel blog for ages, mainly as a record of the places I’ve been to and the things I’ve seen, and to share travel tips and itineraries, and I finally started last week. Excited to read your blog – I’ll be subscribing. Do let me know if you’d like to exchange blogging tips etc. with a fellow newbie – would love to connect 🙂

    1. Thanks for connecting Jennie! I would love to connect with you. =) Please send me an email in the CONTACT section and we can go from there. Looking forward to collaborate with you =)

  3. Hi there! First of all, congratulations on your first blog post! I know what you mean about procrastination, as it took me a while to get my blog up and running. But once you get in to it, you really start to gather momentum and before you know it you’re doing it frequently. I’m sure you will build up a real treasure trove to share with your family, friends and loved ones for years to come…so, get out there and start making memories 🙂

    1. THANK you very much for the encouragement Joe. There is so much to learn about blogging and I am just taking it one step at a time.

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